Selling an Oil fired Aga...

If you're thinking of selling your Aga cooker you may want to know where to go to get the best price. It used to be a simple scan through yellow pages or a quick call to your local engineer, to see what he or she would offer.

But things a have changed, in the current climate where the oil fired Aga market is on its knees due to the high and volatile oil prices, you may need to offer it out to a larger audience in order to get the best price.

The obvious choice would be to look on auction sites like Ebay, you can get interest from all over the UK and beyond. This larger audience doesn't always guarantee that you'll reach a higher price but can certainly create interest.

We use Ebay on a daily basis to judge how the market is for particular cookers, how much things are selling for and how much demand there is. If you would like us to give you an indication of how much your cooker is worth or how much you should expect to get for it then get in touch, call me on 01508 499 764 or email me at