The 'AGA-Q' is Born - Turning your old Aga into a BBQ...

Ok, so we've been talking about this idea for 12 months, but it wasn't until yesterday (Wednesday 11th June 10.17am) that work finally began. The inventor, Jack Reynolds (one of the new breed of free thinking engineers) had sown the seed in May 2013 of his dream to turn an Aga Cooker into a BBQ.


In less than 2 hours it had gone from an idea, to minimal working prototype, appropriately named 'The AGA-Q'.

Who would have thought that Unit 2 Hall Farm Workshops would provide a platform for true innovation (we certainly wouldn't). What was produced yesterday, was a transformational product which threatens to revolutionise the 'al fresco dining' Morningthorpe! :)

The vision was clear, the process was lean and the outcome was groundbreaking...The AGA-Q was born!

What better time for a product to enter our world, than the eve of the World Cup 2014 hosted by the flamboyantly cultured South American country of Brazil.

Appropriately, at the heart of Brazilian Cuisine is the 'Churrasqueria', or the BBQ.


Obviously, the only way to see whether this extraordinary design had true function, was to buy some Brazilian Spiced Chicken thighs and some Croatian Spicy Sausage and test the cooking capabilities.

The verdict was unanimous, the 'AGA-Q' had worked successfully, but not wanting to jump to any immediate conclusions we decided to extend the testing to every lunch time for the duration of the World Cup.

As the testing continues the Mark 2 is already in development. To follow the progress either call or follow us on Twitter @davidpointerscs.

- Thanks for taking the time to read :)