The Electric Conversion - Q&A's

We had a few questions in particular which customers seem to be asking frequently so I thought they it would be good to share them with you.

Have a look below...

Can you convert my 2 Oven Oil fired Aga to Electric?


The answer is undoubtedly YES, we have converted lots of Agas over to electric firing. These Agas range from the 1930's models up to the present day cookers.

The older cookers are just as easy to convert and very similar in performance, some people may say the heavier cast backings (of the older cookers) lend themselves to this type of stored heat cooking, although I think the difference is minimal.
Just to clarify, you can convert Oil, Gas and Solid fuel cookers over to electric firing, all of which have been successful.

How long does it take to convert my Aga to Electric?


A typical conversion takes between 5-7 hours from arrival to completion. It requires a part rebuild of the cooker in order to install the new insulation pack and to run the cables internally.

What sort of power supply is needed for the conversion kit?


The conversions kits we use require a 16 amp supply with twin 13 amp switched spurs.

*Note: Please call us with any questions and we can talk directly to your electrician. Normally customers will get the sockets installed low level, either on the right or left hand side of the Aga

How long does it take to heat up from cold?


The 2 oven cookers take 5 hrs 40 minutes to heat up to full temperature, however you have full temperature on your hotplate after 1 hr 50 minutes.
The 4 oven cookers take 6 hrs 10 minutes to heat up to full temperature.

How much do they cost to run?


The weekly running costs for an Aga which has been converted to electric firing (without a boiler) is as follows,

2-Oven - £15 -17.50 per week (Prices for the more modern Conversion kits differ)
4-Oven - £19- 24.50 per week (Prices for the more modern Conversion kits differ)

* Based on a electricity tariff of 11p per kWh

How much does it cost to convert my Aga to Electric ?


Give us a call on 01508 499764 and we'll give you a verbal quote over the phone or we can email a quote to you.