Converting Your Aga Range Cooker To Electric

With all the buzz surrounding the possibility of converting Oil, Gas and Solid Fuel Aga Range Cookers over to Electric we thought it would be a good idea to share as much information as we possibly could with you.


The advantages of the Electric Conversion


  • Its possible to convert all models of Aga range cookers over to Electric (despite what some companies say)
  • It can reduce running costs by 10-15 per week / £520-780 per year
  • It requires very little maintenance, one annual efficiency check (£60-70)
  • Its allows flexible usage, and is easy to control.
  • It can be run on a timer if required, or for 24 hours a day (like a normal Oil / Gas Aga )
  • It only requires a designated double 13 amp switched socket

Reasons why people have converted to Electric


  • A backlash against high and volatile oil prices.
  • Being able to move/install an Aga range cooker anywhere in the kitchen because it doesn’t require a flue/chimney.
  • If customers are faced with replacing an oil tank or flue liner.
  • Rental Properties where the Aga range cooker is being turned on and off frequently.
  • General wish to save money on running costs
  • Customers with PV cells or a Wind Turbine


Other Info on the Electric Conversion


If you have any questions or want to chat to us about anything to do with possible Electric conversions please call me on


01508 499 764

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