Aga Dismantling

Are you looking to get an Aga removed form your kitchen?

If you’re thinking about repositioning your AGA cooker then we may be able to help. We offer a dismantling and removal service in the East Anglia region. We can dismantle and leave it flat-packed in storage at your premises.

Moving your Aga?

If you’re looking to reposition the cooker then we can part dismantle, rebuild and recommission the cooker on a same day service.

We also offer a storage facility where we can store your Aga for a low cost while you have work carried out on your house and even clean the Aga while its been stored. Call me on 01508 49976 to chat about storage.


The costs of dismantling vary depending on the type of Aga cooker you have and the fuel. We have a team working on a daily basis dismantling and repositioning Aga Cookers.


Call us for advise or a quote 01508 499764

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