Aga Installations

We have a small team of super friendly, qualified engineers who work on a daily basis installing Oil, Gas and 13 amp Electric Aga Cookers. We consider our engineers to be some of the best in the business, not only because they pull on over 40 years of experience but they are great guys to deal with and the sort you feel comfortable having in your home.


How long does is take to install an Aga?

An average installation of an Aga Cooker will take between 6-8 ¬†hours from start to finish, this doesn’t include tank installation and laying oil and gas lines and flue work. In most cases if the site is prepped then the engineers will arrive in the morning and have your cooker up and running by the end of the day.


Do you have an Aga which needs Installing?

If you have purchased, inherited or been given an Aga cooker which you would like to install then call us on 01508 499764 and we’ll talk you through the important things to consider.

What you need to consider about positioning an Aga?

The positioning of the Aga is crucial with Oil Gas and Solid Fuel Aga Cookers, but less so with the new 13 amp Electric. Its important to consider the position in the kitchen in terms of the aesthetics and practicality but also in terms of being able to flue the appliance.


Call us in the office for help and advise on 01508 499764

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