Aga Reconditioning

If you’re looking to revamp your tired looking Aga Cooker and bring it back to it former glory then you may be interested in some of our reconditioning services, which include…

  • Re-enamlling the Front plate
  • Re-enamlling the Top Plate
  • Reconditioning the lids
  • Supplying a new Insulation Pack
  • Supplying new Side Panels
  • Aga Cleaning

 The Process involved…

The full turnaround time for the re-enamelling is 2-3 weeks,  so if you’re heart is set on keeping your existing Aga parts then we will part dismantle the Aga and take away the parts that are to be reconditioned.

  1. Dismantle the part and remove from site
  2. Send to Enamelers where its shot blasted and re enamelled (2-3 weeks)
  3. The Parts arrive back with us where they are inspected and packaged to be re installed on your Aga.

Same Day Service

If you don’t want to be without your Aga Cooker for 2-3 weeks then we can offer a same day service. This allows us to remove the parts you’re looking to get reconditioned and exchange them for our genuine stock parts which have been re-enamelled and are ready and waiting to be fitted.

This is by far the preferred option because it means all the work is carried out on the same day and you’re only without it for a short period of time.


Choosing your colour…

You can choose the colour you would like your Aga to be, simply choose from the colour chart or view in the flesh at our showroom. If you would like any samples sent out please call and i’ll arrange to get some forwarded onto you.

Want to see the Colours available?

We have a showroom where you can see selected cookers which is open Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm and on Saturdays by appointment. If you wanted to visit please call in advance and i’ll make sure firstly that someone is there to great you and secondly that we have the correct colours available to look at where possible.


Call us to chat or advise about reconditioning your Aga Cooker on 01508 499764


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