What is David Pointer?

A man, but also a small team of people working to make nurture the relationship between the AGA cookers and their owners . David Pointer provides servicing and repairs on AGA cookers through Norfolk & Suffolk.

The business was started in 1974 by David's father, Harry Pointer and continues with David himself.  Today we're honoured to be have more than 3,500 amazing customers who we get to spend time with.


Where will I work?

Your time will be split between our home, in Morningthorpe, the homes of our customers and possibly your mobile home (van).  Being able to be choose your working environment can help you to become the person that you wish to be. You will work daily with team members to build a better culture and  improve the services we offer.


How does work happen at David Pointer?

In February 2015 we switched to a new organisational structure inspired the social media management company, Buffer. This new structure eliminated the need for managers, bosses and formal hierarchy.

The team now operates on a backbone of self-organising, shared responsibility model, meaning that people are able to propose new services, work in teams on individually and choose the work they want at any time. 


Open positions

We're always on the look out for people who share our values to join the team. Here are some roles where we're looking for help! 


1. Happiness Heros

Our Happiness Heros are there for 2 reasons only. To look after the staff and look after the customers happiness. Everything they do must be guided by one or both of those principles.

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2. Guardian Angels (Engineers)

These are our front liners. These are the guys and girls who deliver the value, they are are the one who turn up on your door and do the business.

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