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'We’ve been working with Aga & Rayburn Range Cookers for over 40 years and enjoy a good reputation for installing, servicing, reconditioning and converting these cookers, throughout Norfolk & Suffolk'

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The best way to keep your running costs down

We have some great solutions to cookers which are proving to have high running costs and are needing more frequent servicing. Get in touch and we’ll talk you through the ways in which you could be saving money. For more info call

Have you thought about converting your cooker to electric.

We can not only lower your running costs by up to 50% but also reduce the amount of servicing work the cooker needs. By converting your cooker to electric using our 13amp Electric Conversion Kit, we can give you the flexibility to turn the cooker on and off as required or leave it on a 7 day programmable timer. For more info call

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