The 30 Day Electric Conversion Trial – From Oil to Electric


We’ve just converted an oil firing Aga over to Electric firing, with a new CE approved conversion kit which we’ve been talking about for a few months.  The converted Electric cooker will be installed on Wednesday 9th March 2011 and testing will begin the following day.

AimTo find out the running costs of an Aga which has been converted form Oil to Electric.

Method: We will convert an oil firing Aga to Electric firing and install it in a normal kitchen environment with between 1.5 – 2 hours cooking time per day. To record the oven temperatures and fuel consumption to find out how much it costs to run using this new 13amp electric conversion kit.

IMPORTANT: The results will be based on the cooker being on 24 hours a day. The top oven temperature will be set at 220C for the full 30 days with a usage of 2 hours cooking time per day minimum.

Results: We will keep you updated with regular weekly reports commenting on performance, such as oven temperatures and more importantly running costs.

If you are interested in receiving the running costs and performance reports from this 30 day trial then keep an eye on your website or enter your email below.


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