Converting your Aga to electric


With ever increasing energy prices it is difficult to know which way to turn. Oil has been the fuel of choice for Aga owners (who aren’t on main gas) over the last 20 years, until recently. Due to high prices and poor quality, there is a big shift towards alternative fuels.

Prior to the release of the latest batch of electric conversion kits, there seemed no alternative other than to stick with the oil or at worst, get rid of the Aga all together.

However the latest electric conversion kits on the market have given Aga owners a glimmer of hope in the battle to reduce running costs and improve efficiency in households.

We’ve put together some information for Aga owners who are interested in  the possibility of converting your Aga Cooker to electric.



Information on the Electric Conversion



Previous Electric Conversion Trials (2011-2012)




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